Friday, March 27, 2009

I guess this is kind of a cross post with Foolsewoode...but, I couldn't resist.

Yesterday I hung this little red dress on the end of my bed on the canopy, in anticipation for Rich's One Man Show tonight at the gallery...and while I was walking by it, I kept envisioning a picture in my, I grabbed the camera, and a mere 15+ shots later, I settled on these two. I love these two...and were almost what I imagined in my head...and were certainly the best I could take working with the dim morning light and my particular lens.

It's so funny what things strike me as fascinating, and almost instantly compose themselves to pictures in my head...things that I can stop and shoot over and over again with the camera. I wanted so badly to take a picture of this dress with the detail of the vintage wooden Parisian Dye House hanger showing through (yet another thing I collect...and I'm feeling the push to take them all out of the closet and photograph them as well...which is going to be quite the ordeal seeing as they're all in use currently)

But the red dress? It's just about capturing a moment in fashion time.